Planning a Gender Reveal Party for Babies
The latest trend on giving gifts for babies which usually happen before the child is born in a gender reveal party.

This is not about brash sales parties. The gender of the unborn child is made known by relatives and friends through this new innovation.

This is how it goes: The parents of the soon-to-be born child visits their maternity doctor for the regular 20-week examination on the fetus' development through an ultrasound machine. Right then and there parents have the opportunity to know if the baby will be a girl or a boy.

Although a lot of clinics are now giving out a printed image of the baby from the ultrasound machine which shows the baby's private parts, together with an indication clarifying what the image is portraying to be used as measurement, and place it in an envelope for a surprise for the parents to later find out. Read on Gender Reveal Guide

It is now time for the gender reveal party! A party for the baby where the parents-to-be will be knowing the gender of their most valued bundle which will make it the most joyous type of party. Sweets should be enough to keep the parents guessing on what the baby's gender is and this is to be prepared by the hostess who already knows the gender of the baby.

She excites them with different colored cupcakes. This will definitely boost speculations. Oil derived from sunflowers together with ingredients which are dry are placed in a bowl so that the mixture will not fall apart when it is baked. For a fun touch on the desserts, it would be best if you put blue or pink jellies on the cupcakes first before putting icing with different colors in it to represent if the baby is a boy or a girl. A butter frosting shall be created by the hostess before dividing it into two. Then a blue coloring shall be added into one group and a coloring to the other group which will enable the butter frosting to turn pink. It will be the central cake who will announce if it is a boy or a girl. The most nerve-racking and sentimental part of the baby shower will be when this is revealed. Also learn How To Plan A Gender Reveal

The host of ceremony will utilize a very much alike recipe as the one she uses for the cupcakes but will put some melted chocolate for a more sugary and dominant taste. The components are placed together with the sunflower oil to refrain the batter from affixing itself in the pan. To acquire a corrugated shape for the cake, the host of ceremony must apply silicone jelly mildew on the cake.

When the cake is already baked, it can be conveniently removed from the mildew that was sheathed with sunflower oil. The ground of the cake will be cut out so that the host of ceremony will be able to place the correct color smarties in the middle. Frosting of different colors shall be placed on the center of the cake where the smarties are filled to give it a nice finish. View